Pensions and rock ‘n’ roll

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Could these things ever be bed-fellows? Surely not! But it turns out, Sir Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones front man, started putting money into his pension in his 20s – from the late 1960s. Surely that puts pension and rock n roll on the same page right – what could be more Honky Tonk than that?

But consider this – what could be more rock n roll than a city-centre-wide tour in a 1970s camper van? So that is what I am doing from 9th September, as an honorary Pension Geek.

Why? Because it is Pension Awareness Day on 15th September 2019 (#PAD19)

What is that? A nationwide campaign to take this dry (but hugely important) subject out to the masses. It is the 5th year the event has taken place and it was established by the Pension Geeks

Why start on the 9th? Because we want to get to some major UK cities ahead of the 15th to raise a big smiley pension flag

What will happen? Come and find the camper van and we will answer any pension-related question you have.

So, what’s the point? Here’s the point – I have professionally been on site at employers across the land of all shapes and sizes for the last two decades. In this time, I have presented to and met 1000s of ordinary people to talk about their pensions. Some enduring facts are worthy of note:

  • Most people don’t really get their pension
  • Most people don’t know if they are on track for a good, average or poor level of income when they retire
  • Most people don’t understand where their money is invested
  • Most people don’t know what to do with old pensions every time they change jobs
  • Most people don’t know what will happen to their pension if they die

The Pension Geeks will help you answer your big questions, so you can start to get your head around your pension; possibly for the very first time.

This is no attempt at selling a product. It is a simple and yet awesome public awareness campaign to help everyone in the UK embrace their pension.

Consider this – every penny in your pension pot is yours from the minute it lands. It could grow into one of the biggest chunks of money you have ever had the chance to get your hands on.

Let’s not be scared of the subject – come and embrace this fantastic chance to fully understand what a good retirement might look like for everyone.

Employers – if one of these visits is near your offices, why not let your staff pop along to ask their big pension questions? They will definitely thank you. Support with financial wellbeing is one of the biggest employee “wants” in the workplace right now.

Partners, sponsors and supporters, who have made this great campaign possible – I salute you and say a BIG THANKS!

See more about the tour and the dates it may be near you by clicking on this link


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