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Me and (Van) Morrison (s) – Biggsy’s Guide to Cheap Fuel!

Me and (Van) Morrison (s) – Biggsy’s Guide to Cheap Fuel!

James Biggs

So Van the Man is a bit of a ledge. This is a story about my car (not a van – that would have been even cooler for my story). He sang this:

“Hey, where did we go?
Days when the rains came”

It’s as if he knows that July 2023 has been rubbish weather. Way too much rain. But I can answer his question? I went to Morrisons (his – mostly – namesake) to get the sweetest fuel deal ever last week!

Not a lot of people know this – you can’t use your shopping portal supermarket discount function to get money off petrol.

YES YOU CAN! At Morrisons only


I loaded my wallet with a £50 e-voucher – bought in the shopping section of my flex portal - and headed off to fill my tank at the High Wycombe Morrisons.


Top tip – if like me, you are clumsy at hitting the target (in my case £50), so have a few pennies in your pocket too. I hit £50.02. Simples – I wafted my e-voucher at the scanner, it credited £50 and I gave 2p extra to the nice assistant. I rarely get to use my collection of brown coins, so this was extra pleasing.

The brilliant news – my £50 voucher only cost me £47.50 – WINNING!


Even more brilliant – I had used the Petrol Prices App


The UK average that day was £1.43 for unleaded petrol (worse for diesel) – making me a double winner.

The moral of this short blog is simple – it is tough out there, so it makes sense for every penny to go further. And then we can sing along with Van the Man:

“Sha la la la la la la la la la lovely price!”


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