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8 ways to give your employees the gift of wellbeing during the Holiday Season

By Naomi Saragoussi, Partner

Promoting wellness in the workplace during the Holiday Season is important for both employee satisfaction and productivity. This article provides some suggestions how what employers can do to encourage wellness amongst their employees at this time.

  1. Communication: Employers need to communicate any changes to working hours, early finishing times, salary payments in a clear and timely fashion to their employees including when normal working will recommence. Employers should signpost employees to their intranet sites for any information that they may require during the time that the business is closed. Having a clear and concise message which employees can refer to reduces stress in the workplace.
  2. Flexible Schedules: Employers may consider offering flexible work hours or remote work options if feasible during the holiday season, allowing employees to adjust their schedules to accommodate holiday events or family commitments. For those that are working over the Holiday Season, encourage managers to arrange for someone to call them to maintain a sense of connection and that as an employer they are appreciated.
  3. Encourage Time Off: Promoting the use of any unused holiday to encourage employees to take time off to rest and recharge.
  4. Festive Workplace Environment: Decorating the workplace to create a festive and positive atmosphere and organising a simple holiday celebration, such as a mince pie to all employees, generally boosts morale.
  5. Wellness Programmes: Offering wellness programmes that focus on stress management, mindfulness, and overall well-being are well received by employees. It is always worth looking at your current benefits, such as private medical, group income protection, group life and cash plans to highlight programmes that are integral to these benefits but cover wellness programmes. Employers may wish to provide resources or workshops on topics like nutrition, mental health, and exercise as we go into the new year.
  6. Health Incentives: The resources mentioned above could be extended to provide fitness challenges or wellness programmes across a team with if possible a small prize for the winning team / person.
  7. Employee Assistance Programmes s(EAPs): Remind employees about available EAPs for confidential counselling services if they are facing personal or work-related challenges.
  8. Promote Digital Detox: Encouraging employees to take breaks from constant connectivity, especially during the holiday season.

By taking proactive steps to promote wellness during the Holiday Season, employers can create a positive work environment, enhance employee satisfaction, and contribute to overall productivity. Keep in mind that the key is to balance the festive spirit with the wellbeing of employees.

Happy Holidays!


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