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Case Study Oil Gas Firm

The Challenge

Create an Online Employee Benefits Portal to the customer specification in just 6 weeks

60% take up in three days

85% enrolment in month 1

Huge savings for client


A UK based oil and gas production company approached us to provide an online benefits portal to manage their existing protection benefits and offer a suite of salary sacrifice, voluntary and discount solutions through one portal. The solution needed to be designed in their corporate look and feel, with easy access through single sign on and fully supported with outsourced administration. Importantly, the solution needed to be delivered in just six weeks.

What we did:

We launched their portal to their specifications and on time which now reaches over 400 UK employees, with over 60% of employees logging in, in the first 3 days of launch and a total of 85% by the end of the first enrolment month. We supported them with a bespoke communications plan for their internal communications team, which provided them with communications plans both before the launch, during it and in the months following.

The company is on a major recruitment drive as well as accommodating a very large TUPE group during the first year of launch. This necessitated a flexible approach to onboarding employees onto the site, as well as re-launching communications for the TUPE group.

As our system is built with any time benefits functionality at its core, rather than requiring fixed windows, this perfectly suited the rapidly expanding and increasing workforce, for whom waiting for a new window before being able to select benefits would have been a challenging PR message.

All of the above was delivered for a fraction of the price that would be charged by the traditional flexible benefit providers, ensuring that the company could afford to spend more on benefits for employees rather than technology, using the savings from the lower cost platform to help pay for emergency elder care and child care support for all employees.

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